Intended to
Visionary Minds

Inspired by Cultures, Art, Music and
the outdoors.

I am a strategic thinker and visionary, with the experience and passion to do a great job for some of the best brands in the world.
Driven by a passion for design, technology and art,
I have dedicated my career to creating revolutionary experiences to find solutions that are always personal and representative of the identity of my clients.
I curate design, digital experience and brand development for the Food, Travel & Tourism, Entertainment and Technology categories.

Eclectic Taste,
that is

Lover of the combination of several different styles, with a certain propensity for the rare and the curious

Hosting e infrastrutture in cloud


The brand of: Welt Art. A tattoo artist

Business Strategy | Graphic Design


Business Strategy | Graphic Design

FAKT Brand.

Business Strategy | Graphic Design

Atollo della Sabina Branding Strategy

Business Strategy | Graphic Design | Web Design

Crea il tuo e-commerce

Web Design

Development for a Startup of a UI and UX for an App for food delivery and catering

Graphic Design | UI | UX | Web Design

Doctor App

Coding | UI | UX

Medical Center Web

Coding | Graphic Design | UI | Web Design


Web Design

Regione Lazio



Graphic Design | Signs

Custom Design Section for the Fashion Shop

Customer Experience | Graphic Design

Optimize Management and Production Process for the Merge of Two Companies

Business Strategy

Increasing Brand Awareness for the Restaurant Franchise

Business Strategy

Brand Restyling of a krav maga sports association

Infographics for the preparation of the intra-territorial collaboration plan

Customer Experience | Graphic Design | Web Design

Graphic design and development of a magazine with online + offline positioning

Customer Experience | Graphic Design | Web Design

Annual promotion campaign for the Monte Navegna and Cervia regional nature reserve

Graphic Design

Territorial promotion campaign promoted by the Regione Lazio for the revitalization of tourism in the regional nature reserves

Graphic Design | Web Design

Ghost Tribe LP

Graphic Design

Branding identity of a techno record label based in berlin

Graphic Design

Animazioni e Presentazioni

Motion Graphic
Digital Transformation


Graphic Design | Web Design

Cover Art and graphic design creation for 10D90S Tendinineties LP

Graphic Design

Development of promotional material for the Grotte di Pietrasecca

Graphic Design | Web Design

Artwork for environmental campaign for the “no to drilling movement”

Graphic Design | Web Design