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What is Online Presence and how to get started

Online Presence is the fact to be effectively findable either as an individual or company, through any search engine.

This implies understanding a vast variety of tools and concepts. You will need to get a long lasting presence and good positioning amongst the available results.
To make sure of that, you can start from a few things. Creating a blog or website for instance, to either have an overall archive or a simple showcase for your products and services. Even a place to sell your creations, if you want.

Above all, let us define what can possibly be the best strategy for a given business. Secondly, comes the fact to help you grow those results.
However, you’ll need to have a progressive mindset while following the consecutive steps. It requires to find the right working performance. Subsequently, your understanding of keywords is vital on this market.

The better you will advertise your projects the more your job will reach its proper audience. This can occur on a lot of virtual ecosystems such as social media, blogging  and content creator platforms. As a matter of fact, you will soon find out that the relationship between your job and the keywords is quite symbiotic.

Here is why we can distinguish at least four phases to bring effective Online Presence.

1. Digital Identity

You are a person and that is an understatement beyond any other. What is less obvious to some anyway is that you are receiving “incoming” data same as you let out “outgoing” data on the web. The data is then processed by specific AI. Those Artificial Intelligences are going to “give” you a set of attributes which are exclusive to your profile. Most importantly, they describe how your content will be treated by automated systems to create the space for your “entity”.

Firstly, you’ll need to focus on the good targets in a given context. Remember that you will require both communication and publishing plans. It is useful to know what your skills and weaknesses are on those subjects as fast as you can. What is important as well is to be aware of your resources. Tools and data are crucial of course, but so is the company’s/project’s structure. The way Artificial Intelligences (AI’s) are build is no different. It sort of prefers structure.

Our goal in part here will be to see how to basically help the algorithms we’re interested in. Helping them is the first step in letting them help you.

What they will focus on is the representation of a set of claims by one party about anything to be AI observed : itself, a person, group, an idea. Anything that comes from either you, your devices, and the way it links you to the rest of the internet. All data are processed and stored to be linked to people’s civil identity. This is going to be your Digital Identity.

2.Plans, Mindset

Once you have a better idea of your own Digital Identity, let’s focus on a business plan. You will need a working methodology and a step by step oriented mindset. In other words, it goes from your company’s policy to any product or service you’re presenting. Any brand you are representing. These are both technical and moral “rules” to follow in order to grow. Not only will that help orient your strategy, but also anticipate potential crisis situations, such as a lack of results.

You will need a Main Thread, and flexibility. This obviously depends on your observations. It will help you change and adapt your criteria. Most importantly, this shows how the data you collected will soon help determine which tools will fit and which won’t. The plan is gradual as we said, but its goal is to reach long lasting visibility. This includes any interaction with any partner in charge of / helping on a project.

Let’s say it’s about social media for example. It appears easier to promote and discuss an event on Facebook than anywhere else, would you not agree? You just got a small news or announcement? Why not Twitter? Visual content is more likely to end up on Instagram, meanwhile you’ll probably look for stakeholders and partners on LinkedIn. This is the logic. Here are other examples of vital tools to grow and expand with:

  • A blog which you usually conceive with the ultimate goal to present quick and expert content.
  • A website is more of an archive for all projects but can serve as a good showcase as well.
  • On the other hand, an eCommerce is a specific website: an actual marketplace where visitors become potential customers, active buyers.

3. Audience

Thirdly, now that you know what your “expectations” are, you will need to think about your audience, your visibility, and determine how you will be promoting and advertising every product / service of yours.
Here at Mant Design, we are going to focus on the importance of getting into the right tools and partners to improve consistently. Although it would be useful yet impossible to define every existing tool out there, let’s begin with a little list of available functionalities. Moreover, this will help you realize the potentiality of moving your ideas to the next level:

  • Visualizations per content statistics
  • Users database researches
  • Incoming and outgoing calls
  • Insert your company’s physical location, so that researchers see and interact with your business.
  • You get data about your followers (location, statistics, engagement)
  • You get to know your most viewed content
  • Collect comments and feedback to extract relevant data and answer the user’s questions

These tools aim at bringing you to this gradual growth and create the right audience for any content. Do not underestimate the importance of your occasional or frequent partners as well.

Our usefulness as counsellors is above all to clarify what’s left unclear. This implies bringing awareness and enhancing your visibility with the right piece of advice at the right time. There is no succeeding on the web without the right counselling. Realizing and promoting content not only requires organization. It takes dynamism between each member of a project, but also an overall flexibility.

It’s about being able to do various things and solve many problems : those will be your multitasking abilities. Mastering concepts, keywords and turning it into action will bring immediate results and almost guarantee a good return on investment. This is the best way to build an appropriate audience.

4. Highlights

Last but not least, we will discuss how crucial it is to often measure your results for strategic adjustments. This sounds like you’ll be monitoring your statistics constantly but it’s actually pretty different from that.
Truth is you have to be able to see numbers, but also get past them.
What is really valuable at this point is to make sure you get enough quality partners in your network. When this happens, it will be thanks to your projects and most importantly your advertising.

Algorithms responsible for organic growth work in a very versatile yet almost predictable way. This sounds as a paradox but is actually explainable. Everything changes and moves at great pace.
Similarly, the system in charge of promoting content at a given time adjusts constantly.
This is why it is crucial to place and surround yourself with the most valuable and appropriate content. Same with projects, partners and strategies. Movement is permanent so this is why you need to closely follow the tendencies.

To sum up:

It takes instinct, dedication, cleverness, tools, and most importantly the appropriate counselling. Those are the keys to ensure that most of the time and money you invested not only returns but becomes more customers so more requests, and therefore more incomes. This is in part how you will attract the attention of the markets you are aiming at with the most recent tools to improve your skills at first, but your results as well on a larger scale.

In conclusion, an effective Online Presence is to show the whole web that your project is exactly what people are looking for. This obviously is true at a given time and on a given subject. So here’s the trick… There is plenty of room for you on this market. Learn how to differ!

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